Aliza Shah began to regret,Alizy Shah Say i am still regret on her work


Alize Shah, a young emerging young actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, started regretting having her hair cut short. In this regard, Alize Shah shared a special meme regarding her hair in her confirmed Instagram story. The meme showed that a girl’s Hair is very long and beautiful and it hurts a lot when they cut it. The meme shared by Alize Shah said, “When you cut your hair and then you realize later that you are taller.

The hair was better. After watching the young actress’ Insta Story, it has become clear that she is now regretting having her hair cut short. It should be noted that Aliza Shah had cut her long hair and got a new haircut, which she criticized Aliza Shah has recently shortened her hair and given herself a new look with a new haircut that has left internet users scattered. Some social media users said Aliza Shah looks good in long hair while some said that she looks more beautiful in this new haircut. On the other hand, the newly emerging young actress of Pakistan Drama Industry Yashmi Gul advised the singer Asim Azhar not to take everything to heart. Talking to PTI, he said that Haniya Amir is not my friend while I would advise Asim not to take everything to heart. Put an end to this controversy. The actress said that she likes Peshawar Zalfi and is supporting Peshawar Zalmi in PSL.

He said that he is a fan of Shoaib Malik while Abdul Razzaq you are a very good person. The actress said that she did her Masters in Psychology from Australia. She told her parents that after studying, she had to act. He said that some people say that a positive role should be played. While often we get negative messages because of the negative characters. Answering a question from the host, the actress said that because of the big eyes, friends make jokes while I will give charity to my eyes. She showed in dramas. Referring to the departed characters, he said that unless you show that evil is bad with evil, how will the new generation learn. Talking about the future, Gul said that she is thinking of opening a shelter for animals. The actress revealed that people in her village call her Shayan.

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