Anaya name meaning in Urdu and English -(عنایہ نام کا مطلب )

Anaya (عنایہ)name meaning in urdu and english.

Anaya name is girl name and its has multiple meaning the best meaning of this name is in English is gift.The best name of anaya is in Urdu Tohfa.This name is originated in Arabic language and the lucky number of this name is one.The Proper spelling of this name is “ANAYA”

Many Muslim parents perferd his baby girl name when she born they prefer with this Anaya.Many girls of who name is anaya has earned many fame in the life.Anaya name meaning is in English is gift and we can say this name meaning in Urdu is “Tohfa”.

Many peoples want to Ask question about the name Anaya.

What is the lucky number of anaya?

The lucky number of this name is ONE.

What is favorite color of Anaya?

The favorite color is red.

what is the meaning of Anaya?

The meaning in English is Gift.

What is origin of name Anaya?

The Origin of name anaya is Arabic.

What is the religion of Anaya name?

The religion of anaya name is Muslim.

What is the nickname of Anaya?
The nicknames for عنایہ name is include Ana, Naya and YaYa. Anaya can also be spelt with this spelling Anaia, Anaiya and Anayah.
The length of the this name is 5 Alphat.This name girl has caring and protector and guardian.


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