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The difference ATM Card, Debit Card and Credit Card

The difference ATM Cards
what is the difference between an ATM card debit card and a credit card

Today In this article we will talk about ATM cards What are the types of ATM cards? And what is the difference between them? You will learn more about them in this article in detail. We will discuss three types of ATM Cards.1.ATM Card 2. Debit Card 3. Credit Card Some people know about them, but most people don’t know much about them.

ATM Card;

ATM Card you can use basically to the machine of Bank ATM. Only you can withdraw from the machine of ATM. There are no facilities from the ATM machine that you use the ATM card and u do the online shopping  Use the every ATM Machine and withdraw the money from your account. The credit will be less from your account when you use the ATM to withdrawing.

Debit Card;

A debit card is an advance from the card of an ATM card because in ATM there are no facility for online shopping but if you have a Debit card then you can easily online shopping and in this card withdraw from any ATM Machine that is available near to you. Easily you can withdraw the money only difference between is ATM Card and a Credit card is that the online shopping faculty is avail be on this card and no online shopping faculty is available on ATM Card.

Credit Card;

The third number of the Card that the bank is issue to you that name is a Credit Card. A credit card is an advance card other two cards the main difference is that if you have no credit in your account and you need the money then no need to the upset because in this card your problem is resolved and you can easily shop online. Because also the credit card has the facility to withdraw from any ATM Machine but the main advantage is that you can easily loan through a Credit card and use the money. The bank where your account gives you the loan at limited and you will return this credit in the term of the bank. Some bank policy is 15 days and some bank policy is 30 days this depends on the terms and condition of your bank. The main disadvantage is that if not return the money before the due date then you will pay the interest and the interest rate is on the daily basis

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