Fastest train in the world 2021

The fastest train in the world 2021

fastest train in the world 2021

The world’s fastest trains are flying without wings and What is the speed of these trains?

Nowadays the due to climate change the world is facing short-haul flights that have become increasingly unpleasant for many passengers.

According to the CCN media channel of the US, the number one fastest train in the world high-speed rail is the most effective alternative to air travel from one place to another place of up to 1,200 kilometres.

Many passengers are Transferring between city centres at the top speeds of up to 290 kilometres per hour or more, which offers a great combination of speed and convenience.

in Europe and Asia in the 1980s Billions of dollars have been invested in new high-speed and high-capacity railways trains starting with Shinkansen in Japan and Train A Grand Vitas (TGV) in France.

The country of China is one of the first countries who Over the past decade has built a 38,000-kilometer network of railways reaching almost every corner of the country and extending the network day by day.

Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom are expanding the European network with other countries

In this article, we will give you the details of the world’s fastest trains below.

Africa was launched its first high-speed train in 2018 with the inauguration of the name of train Al-Baraq Line in Morocco.

1: Shanghai Maglev

In this list, the first number is China’s world’s fastest train is Shanghai Maglev.

The speed of this train is very fast and the maximum speed of this train is 460 kilometres per hour, and this train completes the distance from one place to another place is 60 km in just seven minutes.

2: CR400 Fuse

The second number of the fastest train in China’s train is the CR400 Fuse train, which covers the distance of 350 kilometres in only one hour.

It train has more than 16 bogies and the maximum limit for the carry of passengers is 1200.

3: ICE3

This fastest train also runs in the country of  Germany’s world-renowned, InterCity Express (ICE) brand covers a large distance of high-speed trains deployed on various routes and cover this distance in a very short time.

The best train of ICE3 works very fast and travels the journey from one place to another speed of 330 kilometres per hour.

4: TGV

Pioneer of high-speed rail technology France’s Train A Grand Vitesse (TGV) net service is recognized worldwide

These types of trains run in other cities and countries at speeds of up to 320 kilometres per hour.

5: JR East E5

Japan introduced the concept of the new high-speed railway to the world in 1964 and continues its journey as a world leader, pushing the limits of speed, capacity and safety on its Shinkansen lines.

Another train that name is the Shinkansen which is currently run very fast and this Shinkansen speed is the maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour. If we see the train of japan E5 ‘bullet trains’ of the  East (JR East) that have the speed of 320 kilometres per hour.

6: Al-Baraq

The first high-speed train in Africa’s train was launched in the year of 2018. This train that name is Al-Baraq cover a distance at a speed of 320 km per hour on a track of 186 km.


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