Fatima name means in Urdu & English

Fatima name means in Urdu & English

Fatima the name is a girl. Fatima name meaning has multiple meanings, The best name Fatima means is the daughter of Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) PBUH. The lucky number of the name of Fatima is 9 and the lucky day is Tuesday and Thursday.

Fatima girl name word is Arabic. Many Muslim people daughters names are Fatima. This name is very beautiful and also this name is very beautiful.

name is associated with Arabic word and many parents prefer his/her daughter name with this famous name. Fatima name was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed SAW and one of four perfect women mentioned in the Quran.

نام فاطمہ
  معنی پرہیز کرنا، پاکیزہ، سحر انگیز

Fatima Name means in English.

The word Fatima is start with alphabet F and this name is associated with Arabic. IN the history many daughters are Muslims name is Fatima. Fatima is progressive, strong, adventurous, visionary, spending, free love, restless and spiritual. The name Fatima is usually in search of freedom and has an open mind about romance and love affairs. Fatima is very fast in mind as well as in action, so the people around her are interesting. Fatima has the potential to become a TV program producer.

The alphabet F start name is very sensitive and emotional in her life. They walk in his life with balance and they walk very carefully in the terms of money. They are fully confidence in all the work and mostly they want to live alone. This name people give very importance to love and they step ahead to love.

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