NADRA has developed a mobile app for creating id’s cards online

First time in the world NADRA has developed a mobile app for creating identity cards online


NADRA has resolved the difficulties of the people applying for id cards. Technology runs very fast the identity card program will be able to obtain live biometrics (fingerprints) on mobile as well as verification. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan inaugurated the world’s first state-of-the-art Pakistan Identity App developed in the IT Lab of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce this technology. In this app, people can not only scan the fingerprints but also Documents can also be scanned and uploaded. For online identity card creation, NADRA has developed a mobile application in a state-of-the-art program.

There are many important features are in this app but the most important feature of the new mobile app is the ability to obtain biometric fingerprints through the existing mobile camera, which will resolve the biggest difficulty faced by citizens in creating an identity card online. Pakistan introduces this technology first country in the world. Chairman NADRA on this occasion paid tribute to the engineers of software NADRA and said that all efforts are an important step towards realizing the Digital Pakistan Vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik further said that the facility of obtaining biometrics on mobile phones introduced by NADRA will make it much easier for Pakistanis and citizens abroad to create identity cards online, this technology will be used in innumerable other sectors of the economy. All the sectors where require biometric verification is must for example some sectors are e-commerce, e-governance, various financial inclusion programs such as the Ehsas program, successful youth program, etc., can take full advantage of this facility where customers can share their identity information at home. Can provide and complete all necessary procedures through biometric verification.

Pakistan is the first country that has implemented the latest and unique technology in its identity card program.No country in the world has yet used the facility of obtaining and verifying fingerprints via mobile phone to create an online ID card in its ID program digital sector will enable talented Pakistani youth to introduce a myriad of new products, services, and facilities but will also boost the confidence of all major online global organizations such as Amazon and PayPal to grow their business in Pakistan and Pakistani consumers will be inclined to provide their services and facilities. This innovative mobile app PAK IDENTITY is downloaded very easily and install on the mobile phone. Android phone Consumers can download from the App Store but Apple Consumers can download this app from the app store.

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