How many losses Mark Zuckerberg by shutting down Facebook?

How many losses of billions of dollars did Mark Zuckerberg by shutting down Facebook and Whatsapp?

With just a few hours of Facebook and WhatsApp bands, Mark Zuckerberg’s assets will be less than 6 billion.

According to a Bloomberg report, due to few hours of Facebook down, Mark Zuckerberg lost 6 billion dollars, Mark Zuckerberg has down one place in the list of the richest people in the world.

According to a report, Mark Zuckerberg’s assets on the stock slide were found to be less than 121.6 yesterday, as a result, Mark Zuckerberg came below Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, down to 5th place in the Bloomberg Blainers Index.

It may be recalled that only Twitter was a major social media application that was restored so users continued to express their frustration on Twitter. The service of these social media apps (Facebook and Whatsapp)  was affected on 04 Oct 2021 at 8:30 pm Pakistan time. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram services were restored after several hours of the shutdown around the world including Pakistan.

Facebook and WhatsApp have not given a clear reason for the shutdown of the applications that why this application was effected few hours, but experts have given different reasons.

Why were Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram services shut down? Experts said

Due to the down of these applications Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram services have been affected across the world, including Pakistan, and millions of users are facing difficulties. Experts say that the problem is to changes in the Facebook web system.

According to experts, that Facebook had made several changes to Votokol at the border gateway, due to which Facebook was disappeared from the Internet.

It should be noted that all three services are owned by Facebook.WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram these applications are work on the same infrastructure, due to which a service malfunction affects all three services

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