Malala’s Yousafzai Case

After giving an interview to Vogue, Malala Yousafzai had to give in. I don’t know how accurate her father’s explanation is that his daughter’s statement or interview is being shared out of context.

In this regard, it was also reported about Mufti Shahab Uddin Popalzai that he asked Malala’s father that news was circulating on social media that his daughter (Malala) had rejected the marriage and said that marriage Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

To the Mufti’s question, Malala’s father replied that there was no such thing, Malala’s interview was being shared out of context and with his own interpretations.


First of all, consider the literal meaning of “marriage”. It means “mixing and uniting”. “Contract” means “to tie the knot firmly”. The more you consider these literal meanings, the calmer they will become.

What Malala and her father said! Perhaps even more important than this is the reaction of Malala’s “elders” and “elders”. How was And then think how it should have been? What could happen?

It was said

“Western civilization is being imposed in Muslim countries.”

“Similar things were said in the Women’s March. If you look at the statements of both, the fabric looks the same.

Everything will be fine, but are such reactions the answer to such attitudes? Are we so many past and lost people, so crippled and mentally handicapped that their agents continue to cry and brutally push and write off their spoiled children without giving them a chance to improve, without thinking? ?

If this is the strategy, then Allah is the One Who knows. By the way, I don’t understand since when have we become so strong, influential, powerful and decisive that someone has to recruit agents against us? They are knocking and doing everything in public. The UN is also theirs, the World Bank is also theirs, the IMF is also theirs, all inventions and modern sciences are also theirs, currencies like dollars and pounds are also theirs, the world’s highest educational institutions are also theirs, our leaders. Children, properties in their countries, accounts in their banks, medicines in theirs and now their food.

Where did that “tea” come from just a hundred years ago, without which breakfast is no longer available? What is it that our lives revolve around and that is not “Western”? Is this a society of lies, hypocrisy, ostentation, contradictions, adulteration, flattery, double standards, double standards, child abuse, occupation groups, haram eating, work theft, extravagance, appearances, ignorance, superficiality, appearances, Not completely addicted and drowning in injustice, hunger, malice, debts, etc., etc.?

The rites of Islam are very noisy, but why are they not seen or heard anywhere? Presence! Western civilization is not being imposed, it has been done. The veins have penetrated the fibers, the tissues, the DNA, but we are not ready to wake up from the dreams wandering in the mirages. We are not even able to hold and handle the derailed children. If there is a wound on the leg, it is cut only if the doctor confirms that the wound has turned into gangrene.

I don’t know Malala or the extremist girls and women who marched. I also used the logical twist of “my body is my will” to say that neither the will to be born nor the will to die came from your body, but this is another subject.

The real question is to understand the problem that unless the “disease” is properly diagnosed, no physician in the world can cure it, and the modern world needs to know the “diseases” of the Islamic world in an unemotional way. Consciousness is inevitable. If there is a partial ban on the call to prayer through loudspeakers in Saudi Arabia, please learn that we cannot be “monopolists” of Islam.

Where the perfect religion originated, there is another world. When I first started coming to the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, I went into a coma for a while, but when I realized the difference between the subcontinent and the Middle East, I got out of a coma. came.

One of the hallmarks of a believer is that he is in harmony with his covenant. If weapons such as horses, camels, mules, swords, spears, arrows, and tactics have changed, consider what else has not changed. And remember, every invention, every technology gives birth to a new culture, a new attitude, a new person, a new journey.

Where did the matter come from? Where did the poor Malala reach in the operable age? Its impact is understandable and forgivable. She must have heard stories of nudity, obscenity, and debauchery in societies since childhood, when she was disciplined, clean, polite, step by step, thank you, pure food, real medicine, hatred of lies, fraud, If you have seen the full scale, construction and development, invention and innovation, respect for the law, justice, etc., then something will have passed over it.

Then if he had realized that all the nudity, obscenity, debauchery of the West are leading the world, dominating, leading, then he would have mentally staggered as a result of which perhaps his language Even staggered. He may have considered marriage as a “woman’s place instead of a shoe” partnership and could not describe it properly and then how could this agreement be “signed” before the facility of paper, printing etc.

In short, while accepting apologies or explanations, it may be better to explain with love and compassion, the will of the rest of the elders. ۔

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