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About the Surah Ul Mulk:

The best greatest blessing in our life from Allah is Holy Quran. which he has bestowed upon mankind. There are a total of 114 Surahs of the Holy Quran and each Surat is a light in Muslim’s life that changes our lives and shows us the right way. Surah al Mulk is the 67th number of surah and the para number 29 in the Holy Quran. This surat ul mulk has 30 verses and 2 rukus. Al-Mulk means “The Kingdom” or “The Sovereignty” of Allah (SWT). This surat mulk has many benefits in our life.surah al mulk transliteration is available in difference language. Surah al mulk in English translation available and also available surah al mulk with urdu translation 

Read the surah mulk online with an English translation and you also download the full sura mulk pdf and in audio.The first word of surah e mulk is start “tabarakallazi“.Many people search surah mulk mishary and so we should recite it daily before going to bed and understand translation with our language.

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Benefits, and Importance of Surah a Mulk in our life:

Reciting the Surah Mulk daily in your life has many more benefits than you could believe. surat al mulk is not only provided protection in your this life and hereafter but sura mulk will protect you in-between. In a hadith, it was mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) recommended reading the Surah Mulk every night before going to sleep. and By doing so, it is said that you would be protected from the torment in the grave means  “It is the prevention of punishment of the grave”.

We should try to recite and understand the meaning of each verse of Surah Al Mulk. We can also listen to Tafseer of Surah Al Mulk in audio. By doing this your Iman will be strengthened and your Taqwa in Allah will increase beyond. InshaAllah.