Top 10 Beautiful Countries in the World

Top 10 Beautiful Countries in the World

Top 10 Beautiful Countries in the World
Top 10 Beautiful Countries in the World


Friends, in this article, we will talk about 10 such Countries of the world who are the most beautiful in the world. By the way, there is in this world, a lot of countries are beautiful and lovely, each country has its own level of beauty. European Country has its own beauty and Africa has its own natural scenery. This article is based on a survey of people who have traveled to most countries in the world. And for those people who like the country the most, we will talk to you about this article. Please read this article in full.

10 Switzerland

By the Way we all say that Switzerland is the Heaven of the World. According to the survey and in terms of beauty, it is the most 10 Number of in this top ten list and beautiful place in the world. In this country you will see a lot of wonderful things such as local cosines, Physical feature, ground breaking architecture and natural scenery and you can see most beautiful city of Switzerland. The most important thing here is the natural beauty that God has given him here in mountains here in greenery. Especially you must travel here on Train. Here Villages are most beautiful and wonderful.

09 New Zealand

There is no doubt that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. You can see here mountains and greenery. On the other way Switzerland this country is very beautiful to say. But this is a smaller country than the Country New Zealand and the New Zealand is 7 times big country to Switzerland. Its not possible you cannot see the beauty in the country. Here wonderful city of this country has most beautiful and natural beauty. Especially New Zealand is famous for here people are honest with another its very low chance that here bad behave with you.

08 SOUTH Africa

:On the opinion of people that are visit there that South Africa is most beautiful country in the World. What makes it special is its forest area and its national parks here Animals are most wonderful to see. If you like the adventure then this place is the most better than other country. Here wonderful deserts wonderful greenery and wonderful mountains scenery are here. And the scene of beaches is so nice of the people who like this place


:In this top ten list the China is most beautiful country on the opinion of people. Here you can see the things that are connect with china culture. In china technology are advance and natural beauty of most beautiful. that way many people are say that china is most beautiful country in the world. In 7 wonder great wall of the china is here

06 Brazil

Many people are say that Brazil is most beautiful in the world. Women’s accepted to attractive in the world are from the Brazil. Here the culture is so beautiful and here you can see the many types of animals. Amazon and rivers are here. This country famous for the beach party and enjoy. Many girls are seen on the beach. This country is accepted for the party and fun country for all the world

05 Italy

:Italy is most beautiful country of the Europe. This country is considered the pride of Europe. There are lot types of beauty here. Italy country city are most wonderful looks. Rome is the capital and historical city of the Italy. Venice city is the on the water that looks so beautiful


This country is so famous in the world for own greenery and natural beauty. This country is the part of UK. The Calamite of the Ireland is so nice, and weather are always so romantic. Ireland this beautiful country is always famous for sandy beaches and rocky coast line.’

03 Australia

Australia is a continent. it has more than a country. in this country a wide range of landscapes Wild parks are in this country. This Country has many beautiful places and sea. Many tourists are come for the visit in this country every year


In this top ten list the second number of the country is USA .Ranking of the people who most like this country is number Two.USA City of New York, is very famous city in the world. Grand Canyon and national park is most famous in the tourists. This country is most safe country in the world.


Many people are saying that they never visited any country in life like Canada that is beautiful country in the World. The status of this country is so high because the area of this country is so high. Here all types of beauty you can enjoy. Even we talk about wild life, romantic designation, mountains, or talk about forest every type of beauty you can see in Canada. There is no shortage of clean water 

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