What is the difference between 3G and 4G Technology

What are 3G and 4G? Difference between 3G/4G Network

differnce between 3G and 4G technology

What is 3G?

The technology of the 3G network has been around in the United States for two decades. The first 3G network was launched in the World by Verizon in 2002, and the network of 4G has been around since 2010.3G stands for the third generation, referring to the connection between a mobile phone and its cellular or mobile tower. For most people, this will be a 2G connection, meaning that the connection will be slower than the typical 2G connection.

What is 4G?

4G stands for the fourth generation since it is the latest version of 3G. It differs from 3G because it uses many of the features that were not in 3G, like Voice over LTE and dual-radio support. 4G is an abbreviation for 4th generation, It was created as a replacement to 3G, with the same benefits (namely the speed and technology behind it), but the increased speed and compatibility with many gadgets makes it more suitable than 3G for the majority of users.

What is LTE?

The latest addition to the 4G family is LTE, and it stands for Long Term Evolution. It was launched in 2012 and, as its name suggests, it offers much faster speeds than its 3G predecessors. This is because LTE technology has developed since it was first introduced. Although it is technically called the Fourth generation, the 4G connections on many 4 generation phones actually perform much like third technology connections.

The Difference Between 3 G and 4 G

The main differences between 3G and 4G phones are as follows:

A 4G phone can connect to the internet at theoretical maximum speeds of up to 300Mbps

4 G devices can stream video faster than 3 G

4G does not need to download files as it is already compressed

4 G phones can connect at high speeds to Wi-Fi access points in the home and in public spaces

4 G data plane and control plane is separated then in 3 G technology data plane and control plane are not separated 

One of the main principal differences between 3 G and 4 G technology is the speed at which they can download files from the internet. A typical 3G phone can connect to the internet at a maximum uploading speed of up to 21Mbps, whereas a 4G phone can do so at a theoretical maximum uploading speed is 300Mbps

Not All 3G Phones Will Work With 4G

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