Why are twins born? Some secrets that very few people know

Children are a great blessing of nature and twins are a unique source of experience and happens. Most of married couples want to give birth to twins, but there is a lot of controversy about the birth of twins. There are more doubts and Suspicions. And there are some questions in people’s minds as to why twins are born in any parent’s home. And what are the chances of getting twins? Modern science has revealed some things that every married couple needs to know about the birth of twins – so today we will tell you some of the important reasons why twins are born. Is. Reasons: ہونا High Body Mass Index Recent research has shown that women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher are more likely to have twins at home. Family History If one of the parents has twins in the family history, the chances of having twins in the next generation also increase by 60%, however, it is possible that if the twins are born in the mother’s family. Having a history increases the chances of having twins, while a father’s family history reduces the chances of giving birth to twins. • Adult Science says that if a mother is over 30 years old, her pregnancy can be terminated. Even twins are more likely to be born .This is because a woman over the age of 30 lays more than one egg. Height and weight Generally, a tall and healthy woman is less likely to have twins than a woman of short stature and frail body, ie women who are underweight and short have twins. Are more likely to be born, the reason is a bit strange, but scientists are unable to say anything definitive about the cause. So here are some of the main reasons why twins are born. However, African Americans are said to have higher twin birth rates, while Asian women have the lowest.

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